The work-family interface: Positive and negative aspects of combining dual roles

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Juggling work and family life has become a popular topic of debate now the majority of the workforce combines work and family responsibilities. Thus far, disadvantageous consequences have received most attention in research and the media. However, this discussion?s main question still lacks a scientific answer. Does the combination of dual roles always lead to conflict, or can work and family roles also enrich each other? The aim of this research project is to disentangle both negative and positive processes between work and family. On the basis of resource theories we distinguish between demanding and resourceful family and work antecedents (e.g. work pressure, spousal support), and examine their impact on work and family outcomes (e.g., work performance, family quality) respectively. Moreover, we will examine how work and family affect each other in the long run (e.g. time lag of 2 year) and on a daily basis. An available longitudinal Dutch dataset and two new daily diary studies among American employees will be used to answer our research questions. This enables us to investigate the causality of work-family processes, and to make an international comparison. The results have practical relevance for employers and employees seeking work-life balance.

Dr. L.L. ten Brummelhuis
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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Psychologie
Dr. L.L. ten Brummelhuis
01/09/2011 tot 04/04/2013

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