Kaminler – Kam And Innovation Services For Smes In Lombardia And Emilia Romagna: KAMINLER

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The objective of the proposal is to provide a new Enterprise Europe Network service to enhance the innovation management capacity of SMEs in Lombardy and in Emilia-Romagna.
EEN partners in the two regions will deliver Key Account Mangement services to the beneficiaries of the SME Instrument of Horizon 2020 and will support particularly promising SMEs to improve their capacity to manage innovation processes.
Therefore the new service will be provided to two target groups of companies:
- Beneficiaries of the SME Instrument
- SMEs with significant innovation activities and a high potential for internationalisation
The new service will be incorporated into basic EEN services starting from 01/01/2015 and possibly further extended with the support of other partners of the future consortium. (…)

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Start date of project: 1/6/2014
End date of project: 31/12/2014

Organizations: Finanziaria Regionale Per Lo Sviluppo Della Lombardia (Finlombarda), and partners Camera Di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato E Agricoltura Di Milano, Aster - Societa Consortile Per Azioni

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