Oclaro, Inc. (Nasdaq: OCLR), is a leader in optical components, modules, and subsystems for optical transport and metro networks, enterprise networks, and data centers. Leveraging more than three decades of innovation in laser technology, photonic integration, and transceiver/subsystem design, Oclaro’s solutions are at the heart of the fast optical networks and high-speed interconnects that are enabling the next wave of streaming video, cloud computing, voice over IP and other high-speed and bandwidth-intensive applications.

Market Focus

Demand for bandwidth and low latency in the core network continues to explode, with video services, cloud computing, voice over IP and social media driving more network traffic. The telecommunications market has started to expand beyond the small number of very large equipment providers (OEMs), and is now migrating to captive networks, created solely for in-house use by large video services, search engine and cloud computing companies. In addition, the changing needs of the internet are driving an evolution in network topologies. This evolution, combined with the dramatic increase in the need for bandwidth and reduced latency, has created opportunities for new optical technologies and component innovations. At Oclaro, we are investing our R&D where our technology innovation delivers real value and differentiation for the customers we serve. With our heritage of optical innovation we are leading in the very high speed segments of the optical communications market at 40G and above.

Product Portfolio

Our products leverage photonics technologies to transmit, amplify, regenerate and receive data across fiber optic networks. These products enable our telecommunications and data communications customers to increase network bandwidth, reduce latency, and offer new services to their customers flexibly and cost effectively. At a high level, our products include:

- Tunable and fixed lasers and transmitters
- Lithium niobate modulators
- Receivers
- Transceivers
- Coherent pluggable modules

225 Charcot Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
United States


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